SaraConnects Interactive Radio

Interactive Radio: The Time Has Come

Every wireless telephone is a two way radio, and SARAConnects artificial intelligence transforms the mere phone into an Interactive Radio. Explains CEO Robert Sztybel, “Interactive Radio allows any person of any educational background living in any geography to readily access the content they desire, at that moment, using whatever device they have available to them. In devising SARA we’ve removed all barriers of technology and infrastructure by creating an interface to audio and web that can be delivered to the ubiquitous telephone of any technology – no matter the nature of the connection – anywhere on earth.” SARA is an intelligent cloud-based interface specifically optimized for these devices using voice, audio and standard telephone keypad.

Mobile telephony penetration rivals that of terrestrial radio; every adult carries a phone – but no radio. Radio today boasts a weekly listenership in excess of 90% of the total US population. That population is proven to be predisposed to enjoying audio entertainment and all already possess a superior wireless technology capable of delivering a more intimate personalized experience.

Introducing SARA, artificial intelligence in the form of a smart audio recognition agent designed to service all humankind and accessible via every telephone on earth. SARA enables Interactive Radio, a personalized, on-demand cloud based platform for audio content. At the beginning of 2017 nearly four billion of the seven billion people on earth remain disconnected from the Internet despite each carrying technology capable of delivering a disruptive new form of terrestrial radio customized to each individual’s needs. SARA is the user interface to enable this new form of information delivery.

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