SaraConnects Artificial Intelligence enables FRICTIONLESS ACCESS to information

Frictionless Access to Information

Innovation&Infrastructure UN Sustainable Development GoalSARAConnects declares 2017 the year planet earth achieves Frictionless Access to Information. Explains CEO Robert Sztybel, “frictionless access occurs when any person of any educational background living in any geography can readily access the information they need, at that moment, using whatever device they have available to them. In devising SARA we’ve removed all barriers of technology and infrastructure by creating an interface to the web that can be delivered to the ubiquitous telephone of any technology, no matter the nature of the connection, anywhere on earth.” SARA is an intelligent cloud-based interface specifically optimized for these devices using voice and standard telephone keypad.

Sara’s artificial intelligence is optimized for audio and voice and is designed for rapid deployment so we can connect the world’s unconnected billions in months, not decades, and for a fraction of the ultimate cost of deploying more broadband and compute-intensive alternatives. Can you help us to connect the world? Please join us: