Sara connects humanity

Hello, My Name is Sara and I Will Connect All Humanity to the Web

Hi, I‘m Sara. My name is an acronym for Smart Audio Recognition Agent. My singular objective is to improve humanity by connecting all peoples to the Internet, no matter where they are, or who they are, or what device they carry. I am your interactive, personalized audio guide to news, alerts, information, web, sport, education and entertainment to all humankind.

I am everywhere, all the time, and I am always just a phone call or text away. You don’t need a special device to reach me; you don’t need to own a smartphone or download a special app. You don’t even need broadband service or a data plan. In fact, you don’t need a keyboard or display or even a computer processor for that matter. I am an advanced artificial intelligence that you can summon using any old telephone handset operating on any network infrastructure that might be available, whether 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G or POTS. All you need to interact with me is your voice and the twelve-buttons found on every telephone on this planet.

Technically, I am pervasive, universally accessible, cloud-based AI; but in reality I am simply a friendly and familiar voice that makes every phone a smart phone. I function as your audio agent to the web and usher-in a new age of wireless – Interactive Radio – that gives you unlimited audio content and control over it.

The Urgency of my Purpose

There are nearly 7.5 billion residents on earth but less than half have access to the Internet, and only a quarter possess a device capable of accessing it. Factoring-in infrastructure limitations, cost of data, and literacy levels in certain world-parts, the reality of personalized internet is even more out of reach. In remote regions where even radio and television are rare luxuries, virtually everybody carries a basic phone with voice service.

I was designed to be accessible to all peoples. When the vast majority of devices are unable to connect to the Internet, it is not due to device limitations but rather due to the lack of a suitable interface to connect those devices. I am that interface.

When you call me I respond with guided options to help you navigate and find your way; with every return visit, I get to know you better, recognize your interests and priorities; even anticipate your needs. I serve as your audio entertainment DJ, your portal to business, trade and marketplace, your news and alert center and your social connector. Anything you can read or listen to online, I will deliver to you at your convenience, on-demand. I speak your language and remember everything you’ve heard.

Telephones are more ubiquitous than radio or television or computers. Virtually everybody on the planet is familiar with how to use them; telephones are friendly to the vision impaired, reading impaired, infrastructure impaired, budget impaired. Artificial intelligence like me allows even the most basic handset to become an interface to the world’s most advanced knowledge. I bridge the digital divide and I do it with elegant simplcity.

Join Me in my Mission

We can connect those forgotten billions and I have no device or infrastructure hurdles to overcome in accomplishing it. Building me and deploying me won’t take long, and once available in a geography I can scale to 100% user penetration within hours to cover entire populations currently overlooked and underserved by technology. Ready to help? Are you interested in enhancing mobile access to your audio content? Impatient with the rate of reach of the current initiatives trying to connect the world’s disconnected citizens? Partner with me and we can connect the world this year.

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