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Meet Sara

Innovation&Infrastructure UN Sustainable Development GoalMeet SARA, your SMART AUDIO RECOGNITION AGENT and the only mobile web browser accessed via simple voice call or text and compatible with every telephone on earth.  With SARA anybody with a phone can connect to the internet and their personalized audio content from anyplace voice service is present. Anywhere on Earth.

SARA is an intelligent agent: a learning, piracy-proof, web-by-phone platform. Artificial intelligence in the form of a cloud-based browser optimized for audio, a twelve button touchtone keypad and voice control. Protected by multiple patents.

SARA enables immediate and frictionless access to Information for every human on the planet using technology they already possess and understand. SARA is interactive, personalized, on-demand, learning. With 7 billion telephones in circulation around the globe, the platform is instantly as pervasive as terrestrial radio.

SARA is device and infrastructure agnostic. Access requires no data plan, no mobile broadband, no display, no local data storage or processor – no new device. SARA delivers a rich smartphone-like experience to any phone wireless or wired. Personalization resides in the cloud. SARA continually learns, refines selections, and logs every click and moment of every interaction.

In the developed nations, SARA as a mobile web browser presents an opportunity for wireless carriers and audio content providers to reach a currently underserved mobile audience that either do not carry smartphones or cannot afford audio consumption using their limited data plan gigs. In most nations like the US, this translates into a potential doubling or tripling of the potential audience for content. The math is simple: there are as many telephones in circulation as there are radios. The Sara platform is compatible with every telephonic device ever created – smart or not.

SaraConnects is looking for technology, content and investment partners as well as grassroots support. Please link, follow and share our content. Can you help us with this venture?