Robert Sztybel Discusses SaraConnects with Chuck Jaffe on Money Life Radio

LISTEN! Robert Sztybel and SaraConnects Featured on Money Life Radio Show with Chuck Jaffe

Tune-in now to Money Life with Chuck Jaffe to listen as Chuck and SaraConnects CEO Robert Sztybel discuss the landscape for audio content distribution services in developed and developing worlds and consider disruptive new marketplace opportunities as billions of new consumers are able to access personalized mobile services using their handset. You can listen to the podcast right now on the player embedded here.

Chuck introduced SaraConnects AI technology to his audience as an example of “next-generation WOW!” and explored with Robert the vision and opportunities generated by developing a mobile Internet interface for the technology ubiquitous to humanity – the telephone.

Mobile Data User’s Hierarchy of Needs

Mobile Data User’s Hierarchy of Needs

Robert likened the impact and proliferation of a telephone-centric deployment to that of terrestrial radio. He explained that even in the developed world the marketing focus is on the wealthiest tiers of consumers while not really addressing the rest of the population, and introduced the concept of the Mobile Data User’s Hierarchy of Needs that describes how the rest of us regular consumers on metered plans consume our data.

Chuck and Robert also explored the enormous commerce potential and educational impact of basic information and content delivery to the billions living in developing regions and without access to the Internet. Robert described the mission of SaraConnects to “connect every last human on our planet within our lifetime”.

Chuck Jaffe is a syndicated financial columnist, editor-in-chief at RagingBull, and the host of the Money Life with Chuck Jaffe podcast/radio show. He spent the last 14 years as senior columnist at, and the decade prior to that as personal finance and mutual funds columnist at The Boston Globe. Chuck has been named to MutualFundWire’s list of the 40 Most Influential People in Fund Distribution, and was the first journalist to make that list. Over the course of his career, he has won numerous awards for business and personal finance journalism. He is the author of three books: Getting Started In Finding a Financial Advisor (John Wiley & Sons), The Right Way to Hire Financial Help (The MIT Press) and Chuck Jaffe’s Lifetime Guide to Mutual Funds (Perseus Books). His two books on working with financial advisers have made him a rare critical voice in the financial-planning business. He is a past president of the Society of American Business Editors and Writers. Chuck also happens to be one of Robert’s fellow luminary Livingston, New Jersey, high-school classmates.

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