Internet and Audio Available to Every Phone on Earth



Meet SARA™, your SMART AUDIO RECOGNITION AGENT and the only mobile web browser accessed via simple voice call or text and compatible with every telephone on earth.  With SARA anybody with a phone can connect to the Internet and their own personalized audio content from anyplace voice service is present. Anywhere on Earth.

SARA is an intelligent agent and your personal guide to Interactive Radio. SARA is a learning, piracy-proof, cloud-based, web-by-phone browser optimized for audio, a twelve-button touchtone keypad, and voice control. Protected by multiple patents.


SaraConnects brings the web and Interactive Radio to any telephone capable of a voice call
SaraConnects Interactive Radio is pervasive worldwide on any available infrastructure wireless or wired
SaraConnects Interactive Radio - Literacy Optional, Friendly for the Vision Impaired, affordable to all


SARA enables immediate and frictionless access to Information for every human on the planet using technology they already possess and understand. SARA is interactive, personalized, on-demand, learning. With 7 billion telephones in circulation around the globe, the platform is instantly as pervasive as terrestrial radio.

SARA is device and infrastructure agnostic. Access requires no data plan, no mobile broadband, no display, no local data storage or processor – no new device. SARA delivers a rich smartphone-like experience to any phone wireless or wired. Personalization resides in the cloud. SARA continually learns, refines selections, and logs every click and moment of every interaction.

With SARA, every phone is a smart web-enabled device.

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SaraConnects Artificial Intelligence makes every telephone a smart phone


“SaraConnects & InfoView partnership closes the communication gap between parents and schools. Especially government schools that have the mandate to provide information to parents at the lower end of the economic pyramid.” – Jeffrey Bamba, President & Founder, InfoView





EVERY PHONE A smartphone. no data plan, No broadband Required.

Compatible with all devices & Infrastructure
A phone call or text connects to SARA
Affordable access to mobile services
Double-to-triple the size of your current mobile audience
Your audio content on a dedicated to audio platform
Personalized and On-demand


SARAConnects makes every telephone a smart internet device

universal browser brings THE web to all phones.

No Waiting – Deploy with Today’s Infrastructure
Any Device – Nothing New To Buy
No Data Plan Or Broadband Required
Literacy Optional – Audio, Voice & Touch
Qwerty Not Required
Display Not Required
Familiar User Experience
Personalized news, education & information


“In the 21st century, countries cannot be successful unless their citizens have access to the internet” – Barak Obama, 44th President of the United States




Voice Recognition


Keypad Optional


Display not Required

SARA enables Interactive Radio to a class of technology even more ubiquitous and pervasive than radio – the telephone. SARA is a SMART AUDIO RECOGNITION AGENT designed to easily and affordably connect anyone and everyone to the internet using the mobile device they already have in their pocket. Anywhere. Worldwide. SARA learns with every interaction to deliver an increasingly personalized experience to each individual user.

SARACONNECTS is a White Plains New York based startup intent on changing humanity by making the world’s information, education and audio entertainment available to anybody with any telephone. We own the underlying patents.

Robert Sztybel
CEO, Founder

Robert Sztybel’s career has been devoted to harnessing technology to enhance humanity and mobile lifestyle. He was part of the original IBM team that brought ThinkPad into the world. His product designs transformed Targus from carrying case maker to mobile accessories leader. Robert holds two degrees from Penn’s prestigious Management & Technology program and authored the patents underlying SARA. He is also director at marketing agency Good2bSocial and guides Pernod Ricard USA in mobile and digital.

Kwame Marfo

Kwame Marfo is Managing Partner at Africa Empowerment Fund and founder of West Africa-focused Diaspora Capital LLP which provides angel investment and incubates ventures including a project to create malaria-free zones in Sub-Saharan Africa. He is International Executive Producer of award-winning documentary When Elephants Fight and sits on the boards of Nuku Health, BirthRight Africa and the Business Center for New Americans. He has a BS (Hons) from Binghamton University, an MBA from the Ross School of Business (Michigan) and an MSc from the London School of Economics.


White Plains, NY, USA
Voice: +1 (914) 997-5040
Fax: +1 (914) 997-0434


SaraConnects Joint Venture with InfoView to Change Educational Outcomes Across Africa
June 18, 2018 – White Plains NY and Accra, Ghana – SaraConnects, in partnership with InfoView Data Solutions Ltd, will design, develop and deploy the gCall SARA smart cloud platform for integration into the InfoView SIMS School Information Management SolutiongCall™ Powered by SARA™ will be the feature phone compatible universal portal to SIMS optimized for all telephones to guarantee access for all parents and families regardless their device, their income or their own literacy.

Georgia Tech Seniors Design Wireless Amplifier for SaraConnects
April 24, 2018 – Atlanta, GA – The Vaccine Not Impossible Consortium of Pfizer, SaraConnects and Not Impossible convened here to attend as Georgia Tech hosted its Spring Capstone Expo where nearly two hundred student teams unveiled their inventions to the public. The brilliantly simple Reach: Not Impossible solution sponsored by SaraConnects was advanced to address education and bring people to vaccines. It features a ruggedized dual loudspeaker upon which any handset could be placed, producing volumes in excess of 90 dB while allowing access to and use of the telephone keypad and microphone for interactivity with programs.

SARA’s Resolution for 2018: Frictionless Access to Information for Every Person On Earth
January 29, 2018 – White Plains NY – SARAConnects declares 2018 the year planet earth achieves Frictionless Access to Information. Explains CEO Robert Sztybel, “frictionless access occurs when any person of any educational background living in any geography can readily access the information they need, at that moment, using whatever device they have available to them. In devising SARA we’ve removed all barriers of technology and infrastructure by creating an interface to the web that can be delivered to the ubiquitous telephone of any technology, no matter the nature of the connection, anywhere on earth.” SARA is an intelligent cloud-based interface specifically optimized for these devices using voice and standard telephone keypad.